Участници 2016

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NN Bulgaria Rebranding campaign

A rebranding campaign is a great challenge especially when it comes to such a big name as ING – brand with an excellent reputation and extremely high awareness. It was a great opportunity for us to prove it is possible to keep the trust in the new brand and to reach the desired high awareness of NN for a very short time.
In 2015, ING Pension Insurance and ING Life Insurance in Bulgaria went through a major rebranding. The new company brand name is NN. To introduce the new name in Bulgaria NN hired another big name. Ewan McGregor was the star in NN’s rebranding campaign. He helped to spread the campaign message in BULGARIAN. Ewan McGregor was so enthusiastic about the name NN so he added one more N to his name and from now on it is EwaNN McGregor. During the press conference he shared that he deeply respect our language because he never knew it so hard to say "insurance and pensions" in Bulgarian. And he said it with a perfect pronunciation. So, that was the beginning of a very successful campaign.
To underscore the importance of its customers, NN also introduced a new tagline "You matter". More than a slogan, "You matter" is a promise to NN’s customers, because what matters to them, matters to NN. The ongoing commitment of all customers, employees and partners throughout this period of change proved that every effort is worth it. ING invited United Partners to create, upgrade and execute the long-term campaign as a communication partner.