Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие


Green lines Vitosha

The campaign Green Line has started five years ago with the Green Line Vitosha. In 2010 Lidl Bulgaria started a free bus ride to Vitosha and back. The idea is to encourage the citizens of Sofia as well as visitors of the city to spend more time out in the nature. With each passing year, the interest in the Green Line has been steadily increasing and Lidl has been investing even more in this project by launching an additional free bus line specifically created for cyclists. It was called “VeloVitosha” and the slogan was "We drive you up - you haul down". The bus route started transporting bike lovers to the Vitosha Mountain in the summer of 2014 and 2015. The bike-line is the only one option for biker enthusiasts to reach Vitosha, as the city buses do not allow travellers to take their bikes with them. In 2015 Lidl created a new bus route for bikers and kick-started an interesting project on Vitosha’s bike routes. They placed cameras on the bike routes, which recorded bikers during their downhill and uploaded the videos online at veloline.bg. This activity was created to add an additional value of the campaign in the social networks through the shared videos.
Thus, the company aimed to urge visitors to spend more time in the nature and share it online with friends. Lidl also reduced the ecological footprint on the mountain by encouraging more people to use Lidl’s public transport instead of their own cars.