Участници 2016

Специално събитие


The Secret of the Fifth Element

The second edition of the Secret dinner marked the 5th anniversary of Lidl Bulgaria. Its aim was to strengthen the position of Lidl among opinion leaders as an innovative company offering high quality products at reasonable prices. To generate a lasting positive impression towards the brand trough creating an extraordinary experience for five human senses. The theme was "The Secret of the Fifth Element". The secret element was Love and it was used to represent the power, which unites the four natural elements (earth, water, fire, air) and also served as a metaphor to show the power which inspires the team of Lidl Bulgaria in all they do. Guests received a mysterious round black box which message can be read only in darkness and invited them to register on www.dinner360.bg and to choose a menu suitable for them. The host remained unknown till the end of the event. Preparing a quality gourmet dinner covered in secrecy and presented through a stunning 360⁰ 3D mapping show made our guests experience the world of food in a new and exciting way engaging all their senses. The event generated more than 5 000 000 impressions and reads for a month in online and print media, blogs and social networks. It has a huge impact on the attendees, their followers, readers and fans. Guests shared that the masterful execution and the memorable experience they had been put through satisfied their highest expectations.