Участници 2016

Специално събитие


Manchev VS Shishkov 52 VS 52 - Book launch

Manchev and Shishkov are one of the most recognizable cooks by the Bulgarian audience. They started a culinary battle an year ago invited by Lidl Bulgaria which took place online, on TV, press, POS etc. Тhe peak of the battle gave birth to a culinary book. To present it, we created an unusual book premiere by giving the audience a chance to experience its content side by side with the authors. The guests took on an unique journey in the culinary world through colors, scents and a great guidance by Ivan Manchev and Tanio Shishkov.
We created a buzz in opinion leaders and food-fans with an invitation to cook together with the Lidl brand ambassadors. The culinary battle we have been experiencing by now through the TV screen, was brought live on the event. Culinary bloggers and journalists were set in two teams leaded by the two chefs. The two teams were dressed in white and black aprons, symbolizing the different style of cooking recipes of Manchev and Shishkov. We challenged them to prepare key recipes from the book under the guidance of Manchev and Shishkov. Each team had to cook a meal for their rivals.
Bloggers and journalists entered the battle with a great mood, strong spirit and ready to show their best.
All this left them with unique memories, quality time with the two chefs, lots of useful advices shared by both of them in the event. And most of all, with a precious gift - the culinary book of Lidl's and shared moments of its creation by their authors.