Участници 2016

Агенция на годината



2015 was an exciting year for UP. We hired new amazing people (25% team growth); won a lot of cool clients; & doing exciting work we never envisioned when we started growing UP to a NEXT Generation Agency. All the evidence point to an year of meteoric growth (revenue UP double digit). As a strong independent company with high-profile team, we are associated with excellent service, passion&creativity. UP is in top 3 agencies for the last 13 years and No.1 last year & strengthened its leading position in 5 directions: Skills UP: To provide the best expertise to our clients, UP is investing in bringing in talent with a set of new skills in digital, data analysis, as well as training current employees to answer the call of a broader agency portfolio. New services leading to growth: integrating UP’s traditional strengths in senior strategic advice and high-level counsel with its new digital, social, data analytics, and content creation capabilities. Cross border: continue the growth of the cross border projects. Strengheted the SEE partnership with MSLGROUP, FTI, TEXT100 &managed campaigns in 15 countries; run intl project in 28 countries. Quality UP: With the role of UP evolving so rapidly, the only clear definition of what we do is all it takes to make a client successful. Creativity UP: We kept tweaking our new brand vision to reflect the priority of being creative storytellers and with the support of top Swedish experts developed a methodology for creative solutions.