Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


Kamenitza All for one: Paris is not Pernik

Beer is a social drink, even a social lubricant. When you consumed it with your friends, it seems the taste gets even better and it turns the amber brew into a feel-good conduit. Unfortunately, the socio-economic environment in Bulgaria in the past decades forced over 2 million Bulgarians to search for better life abroad and thus left hundreds of thousands of friend gangs without one or more close friends. Precisely this saddening fact and the precious moments spent with good friends with a cold brew in hand were the cornerstones of the communication campaign “Let’s get them back home” and the key initiative within it – the innovative approach with working title “Paris is not Pernik”, developed for Kamenitza, the leading beer brand in Bulgaria. In our desire to help groups of friends, longing for their “lost buddies”, we decided to opt for one unconventional communications approach, which turned the most trivial element of outdoor advertising – the billboard – into a unique medium to send out our message. We used an advertising billboard in the French capital Paris, in order to send a message from the Bulgarian town Pernik, and the effect was more than impressive. “Paris is not Pernik” turned into a key driving force of the whole campaign, and the hundreds of pieces of positive feedback from buddies from all over the world made us feel proud.