Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания



In October 2015 Uber announced temporary suspension of uberX in Sofia due to decision by the Commission for Protection of Competition. Uber couldn’t just leave their riders and partners who gave the company such a support since the beginning and especially in the weeks after the suspension.A day after the suspension the company launched a petition in support of ridesharing and the right to choose, innovation and new legislation which was signed by over 20 000 people in just 3 days.Thankful for that impressive support the company wanted to give its riders and partners something back. As a surprise Uber gave to its fans the option to order pumpkins using the Uber app on 20 of October. Users could open the app between 15 and 19 o’clock, tap on UberТИКВИ (UberPUMPKINS) and Uber delivered a choice of decorative pumpkin wherever in Sofia the riders were located.
The whole campaign was put together really quickly and executed very fast despite the complicated technical aspect of creating a special customized in-app feature and design. All of the involved teams showed dedication and professionalism in preparing and executing the project. Pumpkins were chosen to showcase the beauty of choice and also was a pun, that has to do with local folklore, leaving it up for interpretation.The pumpkin campaign gave additional push to the ride-sharing and right to choose petition in support of Uber. It also demonstrated how much Sofia loves and needs Uber and Uber’s commitment to the market here.