Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


Mega Migli na Miga

Mega Migli na Miga (The Clash of Lashes) is the launch campaign for Avon Big&False Lashes Mascara - Avon’s venture into the lucrative false lash effect mascara market. It is a video blogger contest where celebrity bloggers have to use Avon Big&False mascara in order to deal with make up challenges every woman is familiar with, thus creating compelling and useful content to promote the main benefits of Avon Big&False mascara. The contest challenges were presented by one of the best-loved male celebrities in Bulgaria - the actor Kalin Vrachanski, who invited both vloggers and audiences on an exciting journey into the glamorous world of celebrities, while becoming a publicity magnet for the whole campaign.

The domain of the contest was the specially developed landing page, where audiences could view and vote for their favorites.
The vlogger with most votes throughout the campaign got the Big Prize: A trip to a fashion show in Birmingham.

The campaign culminated with a grand thematic event where the guests could experience the Big&False advantages themselves as well as witness an innovative demonstration of its effects.