Участници 2016

Комуникационна кампания на годината


Kamenitza All for one: Let’s bring friends home for a beer

Friendship, with its supreme value and virtue, was the key driving force of the Kamenitza campaign through 2015. Bulgaria’s prime and most beloved beer decided to rely not only on the standard advertising and marketing techniques and betted on an innovative 360-degree campaign under the slogan “Let’s bring friends back for a beer”. As the old aphorism goes, friendship knows no boundaries. And given the fact that almost every Bulgarian has a friend abroad, our message was targeted primarily at the millions of people in the country, whose kith and kin have left the borders of the homeland. Exactly these friendships, impervious to time and space, turned into the cornerstone for the campaign. Through strategic, multichannel communication, coupled with unconventional PR approach, we managed to raise and spread the issue of the “missing Bulgarians.” After we prepared the ground, we offered the solution – Kamenitza will help groups of friends to get back home for a beer friends of theirs who lives abroad – both literary and figuratively. A lottery with 10 two-way tickets (no matter of the distance), unique memory for a bunch of friends in Pernik, more than 200 people to get together for a beer on the beach camp and, at the end - becoming a trusted helper to anyone else who do not need a special reason to spend some time with their friends.Tens of thousands of friend groups joined the initiative, and the response of this piece of news jumped well over Bulgaria’s borders.