Участници 2016

Иновативна кампания


"The Golden Apple" - Global Premierе

The focus of the campaign is the promotion and financing of "The Golden Apple" - the first Bulgarian animated fantasy saga. It is not just an animation, but a cause, the aim of which is to present Bulgarian folklore to the world through modern technology so as to intrigue young and foreign audiences. The main goal is using the premiere of the trailer to focus on the project and its socially significant goals and find funding to allow the realization of the first episodes. The campaign integrated PR, social media, KOL-s and third parties to communicate the messages to media in Bulgaria and abroad. The target audiences are Bulgarians in the country and around the world, Bulgarian media in the country and abroad, Bulgarian celebrities, Bulgarian and foreign bloggers.
The campaign was implemented in two main phases - announcing the premiere of the "The Golden Apple" trailer in YouTube and communicating the fundraising campaign in Kickstarter. The campaign was planned and implemented by PR agency Knowbox in partnership with the digital agency Ilyan.com (social media).
The project united Bulgarians worldwide by turning them into ambassadors of the cause. Social media channels were incorporated within our strategy as a tool to communicate the campaign messages to an even wider audience. The PR campaign resulted in over 350 000 views of the trailer in YouTube in two weeks. The second phase of the campaign took place in Kickstarter, where the project was 230% funded.