Участници 2016

Кампания за устойчиво развитие


I ride a bike - follow me / DoTheRightMix

I RIDE A BIKE – FOLLOW ME! integrated under the EC umbrella DoTheRightMix

The campaign has been inspired by Interimage and a Bulgarian bike maker: Max Europe. It aims to put together a corporate cause, notably promoting healthy life through riding a bike, and a European Commission communications campaign, popularizing healthy commuting in urban environment - DoTheRightMix. Walking, biking or using public transport instead of private cars to the benefit of cleaner urban air, less city traffic, and ultimately, healthier lives for all of us – all this sums up the key messages of the campaign.
Active involvement of brand ambassadors (celebrities); viral video content on social networks through brand ambassadors and their biking experience; media relations supported by the presence of celebrities; open-air events: bike marches, an open-air exhibition with infographics about air pollution and brand ambassador photos; a public game called Bike Around Five Key City Points in two large cities, Sofia and Plovdiv; and the active patronage of the Ministry of Environment and the Municipality where the bike maker is based: this mix of activities has ensured wide-spread awareness of the bike-riding cause and has contributed to changing urban choices promoted by the European Commission campaign.